Required Documents

A current list of what lenders are requiring:

  • Last 2 paystubs (covering at least 30 days)
  • Last 2 W2s
  • Last 2 months of bank statements, please include ALL pages. Even if 1 page is blank (some banks do this on purpose), include that in the submission.
  • For 401k or IRA or retirement accounts, the last statement will work, because they are usually quarterly statements.
  • A clear copy of your valid picture ID. If you are a resident alien or a non-resident alient, also please include a copy of your green card or visa.
  • If the transaction is a purchase, please also include a copy of the fully executed contract.
  • If you are separated or divorced, please include the separation agreement or the divorce decree.
  • If you are renting, please include the name and phone number for your landlord or management company.
  • For a refi, please include a copy of your Note and your most recent mortgage statement.

If you are self-employed, are in a sales commission job, or own investment properties;

  • Please include 2 years’ worth of federal tax returns, with ALL schedules. If you are self-employed thru a corporation, please include 2 years’ worth of business returns, along with your YTD profit statement.

There may be a need for more or less documentation, but that will be determined on each specific loan scenario.