Program updates

One thing for people to consider these days, it doing a refi to a shorter term loan. Even though the last 10 days has seen an increase in rates, going to a 10yr, 15yr or 20yr loan, may still be a good option for some borrower’s. Feel free to contact me to go over scenarios, to see if they could make sense for you. If not, we can always add you to our list to be notified, when or if the rates drop to where it does make sense to proceed.

We are seeing some mortgage lenders starting to expand their portfolios to include jumbo ARMS, and some interest only products. I know those terms scare some people off, but in certain situations and for specific borrower’s they can be beneficial. They are not for everyone, and that was the problem years ago. That is where you need to discuss your plans with your LO, not only for now, but for 3-5-7-10-15yrs down the road, to see what the best options is.

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