No Closings Costs Refis

No closing costs refis

No closing costs refis are one of the payment types of Refinancement. This is the process of transacting payments in closing costs. This is done when the old loan is refinanced with the newer loan. This helps in avoiding the upfront payments that come up when the transaction gets completed. This is also beneficial if the market rate is lower than the borrowers existing rate.

No closing cost refinance is used when the

  • Borrower wants to reduce the monthly payment duration
  • Borrower expects the interest rates to drop
  • Borrower wants to sell the property that is being mortgaged.


No closing cost refis is of great use as it can reduce the payments and it is beneficial for the borrowers. This also enables the borrower to reduce the payment duration. This also helps in negotiating with reasonable costs.

The way, no closing cost refis work, are because the rate is increased and the commission the lender pays is used to cover the costs. Normally, the increase in rate is about .25% for a no closing cost refi. It does not hurt to consider this option, especially if you may have the home for a short period.

No closing cost enables the borrower to complete the full transaction process of Refinancement without paying the upfront costs.

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