Mortgage Brokers & Lenders in the Maryland Area

While the economy struggles to recover from the recent recession, real estate has become a “buyer’s market.” Yet, although there may be many good deals to be found, obtaining the necessary financing may not be so cut and dried.

Today’s real estate buyer needs the backing of a strong mortgage broker. Eagle Creek Mortgage, a Maryland area mortgage broker, has been in the business of obtaining property and home loans for more than a decade. We know that in both good markets and bad it can be somewhat overwhelming to go through the borrowing process – and that’s why we are with you every step of the way.

Lenders and Brokers Are Not Created Equal

When searching for a home loan, many potential borrowers may use the terms mortgage lender and mortgage broker in the same fashion. However, while both can assist in obtaining a loan, the two are quite different in how they conduct their business.

Mortgage lenders typically include banks and similar financial institutions that offer their own in-house loan products. These lenders will also perform all of the related functions such as taking the loan application, running it through underwriting, processing the loan, and closing with the borrower.

Yet, when using a mortgage lender, borrowers also tend to be stuck with only the loan products available through that particular lender. This results in the borrower having far fewer choices – and can be especially difficult for those who may have blemishes on their credit that can result in disqualification for a loan.

Eagle Creek is a mortgage broker – not a lender. This means that our job is to match up our client borrowers with the loans that will work best for them – including those who may not have perfect credit. As a mortgage broker, we are able to go out into the market and shop numerous loans in order to locate the one that has the best rate, and the best terms, for you.

Why Borrowers Work With Eagle Creek

Throughout our ten years in the mortgage brokerage business, we’ve helped numerous borrowers obtain the funding that they need to purchase the home of their dreams. We’ve even helped borrowers roll their closing costs into their loan – resulting in low or no up-front out-of-pocket expenses.

Those who already own a home and are seeking to refinance will also find that we go the extra mile to find you the best possible rate – oftentimes also shortening the repayment terms on your new mortgage.

Shopping the best loan for you from a wide variety of different lenders can open up many potential borrowing opportunities that simply cannot be matched when working directly with just one single mortgage lender.

Using Your Mortgage for Income Purposes

In addition to helping our clients find the perfect mortgage, we also have the ability to make your mortgage work for you. If you are age 62 or over and wish to supplement your Social Security or other retirement income, a reverse mortgage could provide you with the perfect solution.

A reverse mortgage can actually allow you to release the equity in your home and use it for income to pay living expenses, medical bills, or even the cost of a dream vacation – without the requirement of a repayment. Because of this, when applying for a reverse mortgage, your credit is not relevant – and it oftentimes even goes unchecked.

Just as with our mortgage brokerage services, Eagle Creek will take you through each step of the reverse mortgage application process. So if you’ve got questions, you’ve come to the reverse mortgage specialists.

The Eagle Creek Mortgage Advantage

At Eagle Creek, we’ve been helping borrowers for ten years with a variety of different mortgage related needs. We take pride in walking our clients through every step in the mortgage process – and making what may otherwise be a stressful time a borrowing success.

So, regardless of whether you’re a first time home buyer, a seasoned real estate investor, a veteran seeking mortgage funds, or a senior seeking income from a reverse mortgage, come to Eagle Creek first. Contact us today and see how our mortgage brokering services could just be the perfect fit for your borrowing needs.

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