Investment homes

Everyone keeps saying it is a great time to buy. They are probably right, low prices, low rates, lots of short sales and foreclosures. I just want to warn you, it takes more than buying the house and listing it on Craigslist to be a succesful landlord. There are alot of issues you should be aware of. As always, you can contact me directly with questions, but here are some topics to consider.

Check rental comps in the area, so you know what you may rent your place for. I cant stress this enough, BE CAREFUL AND THOROUGH ON WHO YOU RENT TO. Check credit, check references for residential and employment, ask for at least 1 months deposit, and look into asking them to get renters insurance to protect your place from damage and repairs. I have exprience it myself and have seen too many friends go thru this, so please do not overlook anything. If you can afford it, be patient, and wait for someone you are comfortable and confident with.

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