I pay my real estate taxes on my own, and I have missed my tax payment, and therefore, the tax lien has been sold as a tax certificate. I am in the middle of a refi, can I still complete the refi?

Yes, you can. You first need to contact the attorney and/or
owner handling the tax lien certificate. He or she, will tell you what the
exact final costs is, and that should cover your taxes, interest, penalties,
fees and attorney fees. You will need t pay it immediately and have a copy of
your paid receipt.

Be aware that if you have a current tax bill coming due, the
county may want that bill paid for now, since the previous bill is still

With the copy of your paid receipt, the settlement company
can update the title work to show you are current with your taxes. That will
show clean title, and you may proceed with your refi.

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