Can I use an appraisal from a previous refinance application? If so, for how long?

With the new regs, you are not allowed to use an old
appraisal.  In today’s market, when
ordering an appraisal, it is under the lender’s name. If you happen to switch lenders
in the middle of your refi process, you can try to have that appraisal
switched, but that is very difficult and most lenders do not work with you on
transferring their appraisal to another lender.

I recently closed a refi
in Fairfax, VA where the borrower was working with Wells Fargo and had
completed the appraisal. She contacted me, because we had much lower rates. She
decided to proceed with me and we requested the appraisal to be transferred, but
the LO from Wells would not help her at all. The new lender, GMAC, would have
accepted the appraisal being transferred, but Wells would not cooperate.

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